Monuments Engraved with Basho's Poetry (Sumiyoshi Park) 0

A monument which is engraved Basho's poem that was composed when a haiku poet Matsuo Basho visited to Takaranoichi religious services in Sumiyoshi shrine in September of Genroku era 7(1694).

    The monument which was written "Masukote Fumbetsukawaru Tsukimikana" by a haiku poet,Matsuo Basho. Basho came to Osaka from his hometown Igaueno passing Nara and crossing Kuragaritoge to arbitrate for two pupils who were battling of faction in Osaka in Genroku era 7(1694),September. On 13th, he visited Takaranoichi religious services in Sumiyoshi shrine and bought measure which was selling at approach. Basho felt sick at the night so he didn't attend to view the moon's haiku gathering which he was invited. And he went back to the accommodation. During haiku at next day, he composed "buying measure..." and apologized impoliteness of yesterday with sense of humor such as "I bought a measure unintentionally. Then I changed my mind, I felt it is better to go back home and sleep early more than view the moon." After that, Basho had a fever and a diarrhea, and he was ill in bed at Hanaya Jinemon Katayashiki. He passed away when he was 51 years old on October 12th at evening. The haiku which composed this Takaranoichi was build by haiku association,Naniwa Gekkasya in Osaka when anniversary of Basho's death in 1864 at the eastern entrance in Sumiyoshi park.