Mount Ikoma 0

Since ancient times, Mt. Ikoma has been a transportation crossroads connecting Yamato and Naniwa, and has served as an important landmark. Featuring a beautiful nature and night views, Mt. Ikoma is also a place of recreation and relaxation visited by many people.

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Located today in the north part of the Kongo-Ikoma-Kisen Quasi-national Park, Mt. Ikoma (elevation: 642 m) was a place of historical importance between Yamato and Naniwa in terms of transportation and wartime strategies. At present, the mountain attracts many people, offering panoramic views that extend as far as the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge and Kansai International Airport. Spectacular views are commanded from Skyland Ikoma, an amusement park situated on the top of the mountain; from the Hanna Road, connecting Osaka and Nara; and from Shigi-Ikoma Skyline, a 20.9 km toll road linking Mt. Ikoma and Mt. Shigi. Night views are particularly beautiful, like jewelry boxes. In spring, tunnels of cherry blossoms delight visitors. On hiking trails, a variety of plants, birds, and insects are observed.