Mount Pon Pon 0

Hear the sound "Pon Pon" when you stamp your feet on the top of the mountain.  Enjoy hiking and looking rural landscape and the temples in the mountain.

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It's called Mt. Kamose formally but now it's called Mt. Pon Pon since the mountain makes a sound when you stamp your feet. Try it by your owen feet on the top of 678.9 meters mountain. It's convenient if you take a bus from Takatski city and walk from the bus stop Gentateishi or Kaneminyamaguchi for the general route. Visit the Kabusanji and Honzanji temple that were opened by an ascetic of the role and climb up to the summit along the Tokai Nature Trail. It's near to the border Kyoto Prefecture and you can view Kyoto and Hokusetsu of mountains from the summit If you keep going forward about 15 minutes, there is the branch point to Yoshimine-dera direction.Keep walking while admiring the peaceful countryside from Yoshimine-dera and you get to the final destination Kojio of the bus stop. All courses are about 14km.

  • Location

    〒 569-1051 Haracho, Takatsuki-shi, Osaka
  • Directions

    Right outside Shinrin Senta-mae and Izuriha bus stops via city bus bound for Niryo, Nakahata, or Nakahatakaitenjo from JR Takatsuki-shi Station