The Mozu and Furuichi Tombs - Tour bus around Osaka's first World Heritage Site 0

Hop on and take a trip around the sacred tombs of Mozu and Furuichi!

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Take a trip to the Mozu and Furuichi Tombs, Osaka’s first World Heritage Site! The tombs, locally known as kofun, are scattered throughout the areas of Mozo and Furuichi. Explore both of these sacred locations with this non-stop bus!

Mozu and Furuichi Tour Bus

The bus stops are here!

  •  Mozu Area
    ①Sakaishihakubutsukan Mae Bus Stop

  •  Furuichi Area
    ②Habikino Shiyakushomae Bus Stop

  •  Furuichi Area
    ③Hajinosato Ekimae Bus Stop

Bus Information

【Operation Period】
August 22nd (Thu) 2019 - March 29th (Sun) 2020
Daily Operation Times : August 22nd (Thu) - November 3rd (Sun) 2019, March 20th (Fri) - March 29th (Sun) 2020.
※Periods other than those listed above are limited to weekends and national holidays only.
※Operation will be suspended between December 30th - January 3rd 
※Bus times are subject to future change.

【Operation Area】
Mozu Area 

 Sakaishihakubutsukan Mae Bus Stop

       Non-stop between here

Furuichi Area  

Habikino Shiyakushomae Bus Stop/ Hajinosato Ekimae Bus Stop

※Fees from and to Habikino Shiyakushomae Bus Stop and Hajinosato Ekimae Bus Stop are the same.
※Passengers are not permitted to use the bus to travel between Habikino Shiyakushomae Bus Stop and Hajinosato Ekimae Bus Stop only.

【Bus Duration】
55 Minutes

Adult 600 yen Child 300 yen

  Bus Timetables can be found here  

(Weekdays: 2 buses, Weekends and national holidays: 4 buses)
※Please note that bus times change depending on the season.

Inquiries:Osaka Prefectural Government    06-6210-9302( 9:00 - 18:00 Weekdays only ) 

Useful Information


 Up for a leisurely ride around the tombs? We recommend you use these great rental bicycles!

MOZU-FURU Rent-a-cycle 

 Mozu Area Map 

  Furuichi Area Map

 For the Mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku,  we recommend taking the Kofun shuttle bus. 

For more information about the Mozu area please click here 

Railway Information 

Kintetsu Railway

Nankai Electric Railway