The Mozu and Furuichi Tombs - Tour bus around Osaka's first World Heritage Site 0

Hop on and take a trip around the sacred tombs of Mozu and Furuichi!

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Take a trip to the Mozu and Furuichi Tombs, Osaka’s first World Heritage Site! The tombs, locally known as kofun, are scattered throughout the areas of Mozo and Furuichi. 

Get a guidebook!


The Mozu and Furuichi Tombs extend over a wide area. Get a guidebook first. The guidebook is full of information including cute kofun goods and recommendations from the local community. Available at tourist information centers in Osaka prefecture.

【Sites of main tourist information centers】
 Osaka StationShin-Osaka Station Namba Station,

   Sakai StationSakaihigashi Station Daisen Koen

 Click here to download the guidebook.

Useful Information


 Up for a leisurely ride around the tombs? We recommend you use these great rental bicycles!

MOZU-FURU Rent-a-cycle 

 Mozu Area Map(Japanese) 

  Furuichi Area Map(Japanese)

For more information about the Mozu area please click here 

Railway Information 

Kintetsu Railway

Nankai Electric Railway