Bird Sanctuary Portside Greenbelt (Osaka Nanko Bird Sanctuary) 0

Birds such as sandpipers and plovers, which breed in the Arctic Circle and spend winter in southeast Asia and Australia, stop at this bird sanctuary to stock up on energy for their journey.

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  • Open

    Viewing tower facilities open 9:00 - 17:00
  • Closed

    Wednesdays (open holidays)

A wild bird park built utilizing 19.3 hectares of artificial tidal flat, located in the northwest corner of the Sakishima landfill in Osaka bay. There are a number of fun spots in the park. There are green paths, where visitors can hear birds chirping, hills from which one can see ships, and an observation area where waterfowl can be observed up close. Osaka Bay, formerly known as Suminoe-no-tsu, once had an abundance of natural wetlands. It served as a stopover site for migrating species of snipe and plover, which breed in Arctic regions such as Siberia and Alaska and spend their winters in Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The plovers made stopovers in Osaka Bay's wetlands to recover their strength in the middle of their yearly migrations. Although the natural wetlands were destroyed by post-war coastal development, snipe and plover birds began to gather in wetland environments created during the process of reclamation, and as a result, the park was opened in 1983. Wild bird guides currently speak 3-4 times a month in the park's observation tower, and a variety of different bird watching events are held throughout the year. If you're planning on dropping by for some bird watching on the tidal flats, remember to check the tide times in the newspaper, etc. in advance.