Nanrakuen Amanatsu Mandarin Picking 0

From March until the beginning of June, amanatsu mandarin picking includes all-you-can-eat mandarin oranges! There's no time limit on this outdoor all-you-can-eat session. Savor one juicy delight at a time!

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From March until early June, we're offering time-limit-free, all-you-can-eat amanatsu mandarin picking that includes varieties like Kawanonatsu Daidai and Hyuganatsu! Pick one at a time and eat them to your heart's content! Treat yourself to a leisurely, fun day out in nature.

  • Place

    Nanrakuen Orchard
  • Location

    1457 Bessho, Minami-ku, Sakai
  • Dates

    Early March - Early June 2019
    (17:00 in the summer)
  • Price

    Early March - Early June
    Adults: 600 yen
    Children: 500 yen
    Infants: 400 yen
  • Contact

    Tourist Farm Nanrakuen
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