Natural And Cultural Gardens (Expo '70 Commemorative Park) 0

The park is full of natural such as forest, babbling, tea-picking village, and floral hill. Seasonal activities and events are held ordinarily.

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  • Open

    9:30 - 17:00 (admissions close 16:30)
  • Closed

    Wednesdays (closed the following day when holidays fall on Wednesday), New Year holidays (12/28–1/1)

Full of greenery natural and cultural park to the western side of Tower of the Sun.The pavilion of the world that stood here eliminated after international exposition in 1970. Then, planted variety of many trees and flowering plant on artificial ground, and reproduced to natural woods. There is planting about 474,700 of many trees, in gross area of 985,000 square meters. There is a spot such as, tea-picking village which is tea farm produce rural landscape in village-vicinity mountain, rape blossoms and poppy in Spring, Floral Hill which cosmoses bloom in autumn, Natural Woods which you can observe plants and insects, Nature Observation Learning Hall which is a learning facility, and Woods of Contemporary Arts which was made for commemoration of the 35th anniversary of opening Japan World Exposition. Also, aerial observation road and observation tower Soradois recommendation which is the place can observe the expression of vast and richly grown woods from above, and it is at next to nature observation learning hall. Seasonal activities and events are holden ordinarily.