Earthquake occurred on June 18


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 June 18 For the visitors
 Since June 19 Traffic Information in Osaka

June 18

For the visitors who encountered the earthquake in Osaka area:

One of the most powerful earthquakes struck the Osaka region Monday morning at 07:58. The earthquake occurred at the depth of about 10 km in the northern part of Osaka and measured M6.1

Please be cautious about the following information on the disasters.

Osaka Prefectural Government, Osaka City Government and Osaka Convention and Tourism Bureau (OCTB) has been making every effort to find out the current situation to secure the safety in Osaka for the visitors.

OCTB gathers information on the earthquake and posts them on “OSAKA-INFO”(
You can also confirm the information of the earthquake, railways and roads on “Osaka Disaster Prevention Net”( )

OCTB also operates the multilingual call center “OSAKA Call Center” for 24 hours. Please refer to the following link.

Osaka Free Wi-Fi and Osaka Free Wi-Fi (Lite) can be used without user authentication and a time limit. For the available places, please see the following.

We hope all the visitors to Osaka ensure the security and safety, and enjoy sightseeing in Osaka.

President of the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau
Hiroshi Mizohata



Since June 19

Traffic Information in Osaka

(Re-operate all line of  Osaka Monorail since June 25)


Flight Information

Those airports operate normally.
Kansai International Airport 
Osaka International Airport 


Information of Osaka Amazing Pass

Almost all Tourist Spots are available by the Pass (Some spots are temporary closed due to the Quake) Further detail, please refer to the following URL.