Attention! About G20 OSAKA SUMMIT 0

[ As of June 25, 2019 ]


June 27(THU)-30(SUN)

For a successful G20 Osaka Summit, full bookings at hotels, and large-scale, long-term traffic restrictions are expected. Areas affected will be mainly at and around Kansai International Airport and the Osaka Nanko area where the Summit venue (INTEX OSAKA) is located.  Osaka Prefectural Police
Osaka Metro Nakafuto Station, the nearest station to the Summit Venue, will be closed to the public all day from June 27 to 30.


JuNE 20(THU)-30(SUN)

Coin-operated lockers and/or trash bins will be unavailable at airports and major stations. Baggage delivery will be restricted from around June 24 until June 30 due to traffic restriction.
   JR- West   Osaka Metro


Information regarding baggage storage

Baggage storage is available at the following facilities:
* Information is subject to change without prior notice according to the circumstances.
[Namba area]

[Kansai Airport surrounding area]
Tourist Exchange Plaza Rinku Machidokoro
[Other information ]
・ecbo cloak:This service enables online advance reservation of storage sites using vacant space in various shops.


JUNE 27(THU)-30(SUN)

Bridge to and from the Kansai Airport may be closed; from the 27th to the morning period of the 28th in the direction from the airport to Osaka city, and from the afternoon of the 29th to the 30th in the direction from Osaka city to the airport.

・Kansai Airoport
・Osaka (Itami) Airport

Bus service for Kansai Airport

Kansai Airport Limousine Bus
Period of changes in service: June 24 (Mon) - 30 (Sun), 2019
・June 24 (Mon) - 26 (Wed): Service will be suspended on Nanko/USJ Route, partial service suspension at some bus stops
・June 27 (Thu): Service will be suspended on all routes (starting from the first run after 2:01 a.m. on June 27)
・June 28 (Fri) - 30 (Sun): Service will be suspended on Osaka city routes and Osaka Airport routes (some midnight services available)

*Please refer to the website for details.
Kansai Airport Limousine Bus  
Osaka Airport Limousine Bus  


Due to Summit related events scheduled in Osaka Castle Park, some areas in Osaka Castle Park are temporarily off limits for security purposes. 。
Off limits period:June 28 (Fri) 9:00-23:00


June 24-29:Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden

June 27-28:Osaka Castle Museum   


There will be closings at sightseeing facilities during the Summit period or on the days before or after. Each facilities operate tight security and so baggage inspection at the entry of there. Without notice, closed or changed of business may be possibilities

Information regarding sightseeing facilities closing
・June 24-29:Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden
・June 27-28:Osaka Castle Museum
・June 27-30:Umeda Sky Building KUCHU-TEIEN OBSERVATORY

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