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Due to the revision of Accommodation Tax regulations, a budget hotel and "Tokku Minpaku" or certified private lodging will subject to tax in addition to the conventional facilities on July 1, 2017.

◆Those required to pay the tax: Persons staying at hotels etc.* in Osaka Prefecture. Please refer to the table below for details.
◆How to pay the tax: Please pay the tax together with the room fee to your hotels etc.

*NOTE"Hotels etc." subject to the accommodation tax refer to the following accommodation facilities.・Facilities that have obtained permission to run a hotel, inn or budget hotel in accordance with the Inns and Hotels Act, regardless of their names.・Facilities pertaining to the certified program stipulated in Item 4 of Article 13 of National Strategic Special Zones Law ("Tokku Minpaku" or certified private lodging).


The room fee includes the following:
- Lodging fees
- Service fees on said lodging fees

The following fees are not included in the room fee:
- Consumption tax etc.
- Fees for services other than accommodation.

For the more details, please see the following Osaka Prefectural Government Official Site.(Japanese Only)

◆About Accommodation Tax in Osaka(Purpose of tax, way of using) 

◆Accommodation Tax(taxation system) 


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