“THANK YOU from OSAKA” campaign 0

Express the feelings of gratefulness and welcome!


Osaka was hit by some major disasters in 2018 such as an earthquake in June and damage caused by the Typhoon Jebi in September. Various kinds of support started coming to Osaka right after the disasters, from all over the world and they still continue today. This campaign formally sends the feelings of “gratefulness” at the one year anniversary of Typhoon Jebi in September and expresses the “welcome” feelings to visitors from the world to Osaka.

[Period] September 4 – December 31, 2019

The concept of the logo
Lively Osaka is not formed by the force of Osaka residents only but also by a lot of visitors from all over the world. The image of “O” stands for Osaka created by many people under the theme of “Create Osaka with the world”. Moreover, “O” is a coordinate, meaning the origin or center of everything. That is why the motif of “person” is arranged inward and outward, with the meaning of sending out the feelings of gratefulness to the people in the world from Osaka “O”. In addition, the “person” motif can also look like the image of the ancient tumulus registered as World Heritage this 2019, another flavor of “Osaka”.