Osaka Night Out


There are lots of attractive spots in Osaka that cannot fit into any guide book.
Osaka Night Out introduces these spots.
 We are offering special benefits unique to Osaka Night Out at stores listed in this pamphlet or on our web site.
 Now, bring your passport and play to your heart's content in Osaka! 


Shop List

Official site & Official Pamphlet


When you are ready, let's go out and enjoy the city of Osaka!
ONLY 21:00-24:00 COUPON


This is a coupon available for use onlyfrom 21:00 until 24:00
However, opening hours differ depending on the store. You can play at regular rates even after 24:00
Because it is a store offering alcoholic beverages, people under the age of 20 are not permitted.


Go out with your passport and cash!


Load the QR code and check the location of the store.


Osaka Night Out To the participating stores!


Present your passport to store clerk and tell them you want to use the coupon.


★ Please be sure to carry your passport in order to use the above services. 
★ Depending on the store, there may be a dress code (sandals prohibited, etc.), so please check before going. 
★ Some stores do not accept credit cards. Be sure to take cash. 
★ Please observe the rules and regulations of each store. 
★ Because there is no train service available late at night, please use a taxi or other similar service. 
★ Because we serve alcoholic beverages, those under the age of 20 are not permitted. 
★ For those customers who drive to the shop, we will not sell alcoho ic beverages to you. (Passengers are welcome to drink) 
★ Please guard your valuables. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 
★ It is prohibited to record video or audio without authorization inside of the shop in order to protect the privacy of our guests
  as well as the artist's rights of license. 
★ We may refuse customers who have exposed tattoos (including stickers, fake tattoos, and paint). 
★ Forcibly hitting on other customers, molesting other guests, sitting-in and refusing to move, etc., are prohibited 
★ There are shops that prohibit bringing in outside foods and drinks, such as plastic bottles. 
★ It is strictly prohibited to use or bring drugs, regardless of whether it is prohibited by law or not. 
     If discovered, we will immediately report any instance to the local police. 
★Days and hours of operation vary by store. Please check the web for the specifics. 
★ We reserve the right to refuse entry if we decide that any behavior is inappropriate. 

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