Nishikitei - Kurisuyama Chestnut Orchard 0

Come visit this orchard to enjoy chestnut gathering, mushroom picking, and strawberry picking.

  • Open

    Available from mid-September to early November
    Available hours: confirmation required

The area around Kurisuyama Chestnut Orchard is a treasure trove known for its incredible number of chestnuts available for gathering. The chestnuts here are a species called “ginyo,” a large and notably sweet chestnut that is also one of the Nose region’s specialty products. Chestnut gathering begins every year in mid-September. For a ¥1,500 entrance fee, visitors can take home up to a kilogram of chestnuts. The orchard is lively throughout the year as there are other activities available as well, including mushroom picking from early October to early November and strawberry picking from mid-May to late June.