Ogimachi Park 0

It's a walking distance from Umeda. Large‐scale play equipment, open space with grass, and swimming pool are provided, downtown's oasis that always sounds cheers.

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Walking at Ogimachi street about 15 minutes to the east from the center Umeda of Osaka or, get off immediately at Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line Ogimachi station. The park which designed colorful building is adjacent to Kids Plaza Osaka eye-catching. There is large‐sized play equipment, such as, jungle gym, and mountain slider, tunnel-like slide which is using a hill, practice field for rock‐climbing, and ground. Fountain, brooklet, seasonal flower's flower bed, open space with grass have been developed, so there is lively with children, families, and elderly who are waliking. Also there is office workers nearby and eating lunch. There is table tennis place, facilities which has multi purpose room, Ogimachi swimming pool, and Osaka city northern part park office, A short walk to about 2.6km of Tenjinbashi shopping street from north to south.