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Do you know about that?

A very interesting COSPLAY show can be seen in Dotonbori, the center of southern Osaka.This is called “Dotonbori COSPLAY Festival”. There are three COSPLAY festivals held in every May, October and December along the Tombori Riverwalk. Not only the Riverwalk appeals a lot, but also you can shoot photos of COSPLAY at Ebisubashi, a symbolic site in southern Osaka. You can't miss it!

The fun is not only taking photos, you may also become a cosplayer and board on the Tombori River Cruise for sight-seeing. There are plenty of shops welcoming cosplayers, and people in cosplay costumes can taste Takoyaki, or play games at game centers. Just enjoy walking around the streets.


Dotonbori COSPLAY Festival is consisted of Tombori Spring Sacrifice held in every May and River Festival in every October. There are various kinds of activities held in Tombori Spring Sacrifice and Dotonbori River Festival, such as arts and handicraft market, painting on the spot and other artistic activities and stage performances. Here also has various bars with delicious food etc. There are not only COSPLAY, but many activities like stage performances, arts and gourmet food. You can gain a lot and enjoy a great time here. Welcome to Dotonbori.

  • Location

    Tombori Riverwalk
    Dotonbori , Chuo-Ku, Osaka
  • Directions

    · Apr. 5-min walk from Namba Station of Osaka Metro Midosuji Line / Sennichimae Line
    · Apr. 10-min walk from Namba Station of Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line
    · Apr. 10-min walk from JR Namba Station
    · Apr. 5-min walk from Namba Station of Kintetsu
    · Apr. 10-min walk from JR Namba Station of Nankai
  • Schedule

    May, October and December
    10:30-17:30 (Shooting time by 17:00)
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