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Professional eSports team begins journey from Osaka to the world

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What is eSports?


eSports, short for electronic sports, is a form of competition using video games. It was selected as demonstration sports by the Asian Indoor Games in 2007 and will officially become a competition games from the 2022 Asian Games.


CYCLOPS athlete gaming


Here in Osaka, there is also an eSports team. CYCLOPS athlete gaming is a professional eSports organization active in Osaka. Its name CYCLOPS means to become as strong as Cyclops to compete and fight by developing its skills and lifting up spirits with a global perspective. As the name says itself, CYCLOPS athlete gaming has obtained very outstanding results in various of international competitions and enjoys reputations at home and abroad.


More information about members of CYCLOPS athlete gaming and their competition records, please visit official website.



Try eSport!


The Osaka eSports basement owned by CYCLOPS holds eSports games almost every day. It opens to beginners too. You may complete with professional players if you have luck! Please come and try eSports competition! (*Application in advance may required)    


For campaigns and events at Osaka eSports basement, check CYCLOPS athlete gaming’s Youtube channel :

Videos of Osaka eSports basement:


    3-16-1, Noda, Fukushima-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

    Take city metro Sennichimae Line, get off at Tamakawa Station and walk for 5 minutes. Or, take Osaka Loop Line, get off at Noda Station and walk for 5 minutes.
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