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If you like games, you should not miss the Osaka's official stores and theme cafes

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“SQUARE ENIX CAFE Osaka”, the Official Changeable-theme Café Restaurant of SQUARE ENIX

In the limited period of time, with the popular game style of SQUARE ENIX as the theme, the decoration of the cafe is changed into the style of exhibition regularly. In the café decorated as the game world, you can not only taste the special cuisines such as “Final Fantasy”, “Dragon Quest” and “Kingdom Hearts”, but also buy the souvenirs.

Make a reservation before you come, with a rotation of 90 minutes. So please confirm the current style on the website. (The exclusive sales area can be accessed without reservation.)

Just one minute’s walk from JR Osaka station or from Umeda Station of Osaka Metro. It’s very convenient. It need not to be said that you might encounter your favorite goods, and it’s also a good place to search for the products of SQUARE ENIX.

  • Location

    1F LINKS UMEDA , Ofukacho 1-1, Kita-ku, Osaka
  • Directions

    ·Apr. 1-min walk from JR Osaka Station
    ·Apr. 1-min walk from Umeda Station of Osaka Metro
    ·Apr. 2-min walk from Osaka-umeda Station of Hankyu-line
    ·Apr. 5-min walk from Osaka-Umeda Station Hanshin-line
  • Schedule

    9:00~22:30 (Open during this time all year round)
    Need to make a reservation, with a rotation of 90 minutes
    The First Part: 9:00~10:30
    The Second Part: 11:00~12:30
    The Third Part: 13:00~14:30
    The Fourth Part: 15:00~16:30
    The Fifth Part: 17:00~18:30
    The Sixth Part: 19:00~20:30
    21:00~22:30 Admission without any reservation (only for that day)
    According to the theme, sometimes you also need to make a reservation in the part started at 21:00.
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