Experience ninja house at “NINJA Trick House”

The ninja house made an appearance on 8F Edion Namba Head Store

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The “NINJA Information Center Osaka”, a facility to learn about ninja and experience ninja, has made its debut in Treasure Park on 8F Edion Namba Head Store. It is an official facility of the Japan Ninja Council, equipped with an information corner of videos and panels about ninja and display of authentic ninja weaponry, as well as an attraction corner to actually experience ninja. The attraction to experience ninja is the “NINJA Trick House”. The mission is to find a secret scroll hidden in the facility, a faithfully reconstructed ninja house. There are lots of tricks and mysteries in the ninja house. Can you find the secret scroll and safely escape from the house within the time limit? The experience takes approx.15 minutes. Group participation is available. Visitors can experience this attraction when taking a break from shopping. Multilingual ninja staff will be in attendance for the convenience of non-Japanese visitors. 

There is also a Japanese culture experience corner of shuriken throwing, display and sales of ninja goods, calligraphy experience and kendama experience.

The attraction experience fee of “NINJA Trick House” is 1,000 yen. 

Discount available with the Osaka Amazing Pass. Free for 7 years olds and younger. 

* Children need to be accompanied by an adult.

  • Address

    8F, Edion Namba Head Store, 3-2-18 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka city
  • URL

  • Business hours

  • Reservation

    https://www.deep-exp.com/ja/osaka/activity/151 (Japanese)
    https://www.deep-exp.com/en/osaka/activity/151 (English)
    https://www.deep-exp.com/cn/osaka/activity/151 (simplified Chinese)
    https://www.deep-exp.com/tw/osaka/activity/151 (traditional Chinese)
    https://www.deep-exp.com/ko/osaka/activity/151 (Korean)
    * Experience available without reservation.
  • Access

    Approx. 2-minute walk from No. 1 Exit of Osaka Metro “Namba Station”
    Approx. 5-minute walk from East gate of “Osaka-Namba Station” on Kintetsu Railway and Hanshin Electric Railway
    Approx. 4-minute walk from Central gate of “Namba Station” on Nankai Electric Railway
    Approx. 9-minute walk from North Exit of JR “JR-Namba Station”

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