Richiin Temple 0

Pass through the mountain gate to Richiin Temple and experience the dharma of the Gautama Buddha with all five of your senses

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  • open

    9:00 - 16:00
    *Reservation required for hall interior viewing

Founded by the historical priest Gyoki in 733 at the request of Japan's 45th Emperor. The principal object of worship here is a statue of the deity Oite Fudo Myo-o (not normally viewable by the public) said to have been created by the historical monk Kukai. The temple is a part of the Shingon sect of Buddhism. The temple also holds relics such as a statue donated by historical ruler Hideyoshi Toyotomi which bears locks of his own hair, texts written by his son Hideyori at age eight, and komainu guardian lion-dog statues sculpted by Hideyoshi's retainers. In more recent years, it was also the site of naturalist and biologist Kumagusu Minakata's award-winning research. To this day, the temple remains shrouded by the same mosses, trees, and flowers as it has been through the ages.

  • address

    1523 Tanagawatanigawa, Misaki-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka, 599-0311
  • transport

    5-minute walk from the Gokurakubashi bus stop; board a loop bus bound for Kojima-Sumiyoshi from Nankai Misaki-koen or Tanagawa Stations
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