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The well on Saifukuji Temple's grounds is believed to be the one an old woman banished lightning to in an old legend.

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    7:00 - 18:00

The great monk Chogen was renowned for many grand achievements, including the reconstruction of Todaiji Temple. One day, as he was praying for rain, a bolt of lightning struck within the well before him and gave off a massive thunderclap. It was then that a brave old woman sealed the well's opening with a stone. The lightning called out for aid, and Chogen released it, warning it never to strike in Kuwabara again. The story lives on in the Japanese superstition that chanting "Kuwabara, Kuwabara" can protect against lightning strikes.

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    152 Kuwabaracho, Izumi-shi, Osaka, 594-0066
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    1-minute walk from the Kuwabara bus stop; board a Nankai bus from Izumi-Fuchu Station on the JR Hanwa Line
    15-minute walk from Izumi-Fuchu Station on the JR Hanwa Line
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