Settsukyo Park 0

Great forest bathing spot near from the city. Enjoy the beauty of strangely shaped rocks, cliffs, the seasonal nature and flowers.

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37.2 hectares of forest park that is spreaded upstream of Akutagawa river in the northen part of Takatsuki. Meotoiwa and eight tatami valley followed by the strangely shaped rocks and cliffs are called Settsuyabakeiand it's one of 100 selections of the Osaka Green. A great location for hiking which is about 4km from the bottom to the top. You can see about 420 species of plants,hundreds species of insects,13 species of birds in the park. There is a campsite,about 1300 cherry blossoms Somei Yoshino, Sakura Square with a playground equipment such as swings and slides,an educational garden taht is planting 47 prefecture's tree,and an outdoor theater. A lot of people visit this park throughout the year. Shirataki (height 15m)that is full of refreshing in the nortgen part of the park, and a monument for a Haiku poet Yamaguchi Seishi. A great location for forest bathing which makes you feel relaxed by hearling the sound of birds and clear stream.