Shikinagayoshi Shrine Kachi Ebisu Festival 0

Ebisu worship is well known all over Japan for its chants of "Bring bamboo for prosperity!"

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Ebisu worship is well known all over Japan for its chants of "Bring bamboo for prosperity!"The shrine is associated with Yukimura Sanada's historic winner's luck. Grab victory by the horns and pray for luck and prosperity for your own company or shop.

  • name

    Shikinagayoshi Shrine
  • place

    Main shrine
  • address

    2-8-23 Nagayoshi Nagahara, Hirano-ku, Osaka, 547-0016
  • transport

    (By Car)
    About 1 minute west of the Nagayoshi 3 Jutaku Higashi intersection on the Chuo Loop Line
    (By Train)
    5-minute walk west from Nagahara Station on the Subway Tanimachi Line
  • schedule

    January 9th - 10th
    9:00 - 21:00
  • point

    (Lucky charms, lucky bamboo decorations)
    Hatsu Ebisu wouldn't be Hatsu Ebisu without Fukusasa lucky bamboo. Lucky gold bamboo, decorated with lucky items such as large and small coins and sea bream, brings prosperity in business and safety at home.
    Prayer Fee: ¥8,000 (A prayer for prosperity at a company or shop)
    Lucky gold bamboo (good omen set, comes with lucky charm)
  • name

    Shikinagayoshi Shrine
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  • parking

    Unavailable during events.
    *On weekdays, please park on shrine grounds.
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