Shimin Fureai no Sato—Youth Outdoor Activity Plaza 0

In addition to being a place where visitors can enjoy athletics and camping, these facilities also feature a botanical garden and a squirrel park.

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  • Open

    9:00 - 17:00
    Varies by season
  • Closed

    12/29 - 1/5

A 20-minute walk east from Sayama Station on the Nankai Koya Line, this facility features both a youth outdoor activity plaza where visitors can enjoy athletics and camping as well as Hana-to-Midori Square, which contains a botanical garden and squirrel park. Hana-to-Midori (Flowers and Greenery) Square was developed with a theme of the symbiosis between people and nature. It features a greenhouse containing 70 different varieties of tropical plants, including palms, Okinawan crepe myrtle, and papaya. Also in the square is a squirrel park, home to hand-fed Taiwanese squirrels. At the outdoor activity plaza visitors can enjoy walk rally events, field athletics, camp fires, outdoor dining, nature observation, and camping. It also features indoor facilities to host arts and crafts, pottery, cooking, lectures, and seminars. Part of its popularity is its low price: only ¥200 for the day or ¥400 for an overnight stay. (Please note that staying overnight is only possible in July and August; stay period extends from noon until noon the next day.)

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