Takidani Fudo Myo-oji Temple 0

Takidani Fudo Myo-oji Temple was founded by the bodhisattva Kobo Daishi, and is one of Japan's three greatest Fudo temples. It is renowned as a holy site with connections to warding against evil and cures for eye ailments.

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  • open

    8:30 - 16:30
  • holiday

    No designated days closed

Founded in 821 by the bodhisattva Kobo Daishi in prayer for the nation's health and the people's happiness. The statue of the Fudo Myo-o deity that acts as the primary object of worship was sculpted by Kobo Daishi, along with the accompanying statues of deities Kongara-doji and Seitaka-doji. All are registered Important Cultural Properties. As one of Japan's three greatest Fudo temples since ancient times, locals have affectionately nicknamed the temple things like "the god of eyes" and "Takidani no Fudo-san." The temple conducts daily goma ritual purification prayers, which are mysteriously effective in healing eye ailments, bringing business success, and warding off misfortune. The temple draws visitors from across the nation. Its festival days fall on the 28th of every month and entail a massive Ogomaku bonfire held before the open doorway to the principal object of worship.

  • address

    1762 Ochikita, Tondabayashi-shi, Osaka, 584-0058
  • transport

    15-minute walk from Takidanifudo Station on the Kintetsu Nagano Line
  • prices

    Ritual prayer fee: ¥5,000 and up
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  • general participation

    The 28th of every month is a festival day, with the Shunki Taisai spring festival and Saito Ogomaku Genshu bonfire ritual falling on May 28th
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