Tempozan Ferry Terminal 0

Roughly a 5-minute walk from the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, this ferry terminal is located next to Tempozan Port and connects Minato-ku’s Tempozan with Sakurajima in Konohana-ku.

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  • Open

    6:15 - 19:50
    Sundays and holidays 6:30 - 19:50

Ferries from this terminal traverse a roughly 400m course in about 3 minutes. Osaka was once called the City of Waters for its many rivers and canals. To cross these waterways, there were quite a number of city-run ferry terminals, but as the years passed the terminals gradually disappeared. Currently, only 8 remain. The Tempozan Ferry Terminal is one of these, originally opened in 1905. At first, ferries departing from here took a triangular route between Tempozan, Sakurajima, and Chikko Osanbashi pier, later expanding operations to the Kizu and Shirinashi Rivers. However, passenger numbers declined after completion of the Tempozan Pier in 1922. By 1926, the route had been reduced to its current form. Currently, it is used as part of daily commutes by local residents as well as young people heading to Universal Studios Japan from Tempozan. Passage is free, and the view of the Bay Area from the waters is a sight to behold.