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Running through the center of the Minami area (southern downtown Osaka), the Dotombori River is one of the most famous waterways in Osaka. Along both sides of the river, promenade construction is underway as part of a project for revitalizing the Aqua Metropolis Osaka.

    Over 30 stores and restaurants have been built to face the Tombori Riverwalk, making the most of the waterside scenery. One of them is the Dotombori Branch Store of Don Quijote Company, a chain of discount stores, whose building has a giant Ferris wheel. In addition, a boat pier has been completed near the building, where the popular Dotombori River Cruise lines depart and arrive. Every year some 20 events are held in the areas along the Tombori Riverwalk. Since the launch of Aqua Metropolis Osaka festivals, more attention has been focused on waterfront areas in Osaka; it is now expected that more events will be held and more open-air cafes established along the Riverwalk. Visit the Tombori Riverwalk website to check the event schedule, and come enjoy various events and meals along the Dotombori Riverfront.

    • Location

      〒 541-0055 Chuo-ku, Osaka
      Nishi-ku and Naniwa-ku through Dotonbori River (Ebisubashi through Nippombashi and Minatomachi)
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      Subway Namba Station
      Kintetsu or Nankai Namba Station
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      06-6644-7565 Tombori River Walk Office (Nankai Electric Railway Co., Ltd.)
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