Fujiidera Machikado Information Center Yume Plaza 0

Yume Plaza's adjoining tourist information center is proud of its ability to offer tourist information on a variety of subjects: Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, ancient tombs, specialty products, and more. Feel free to drop by for tourist information or even just to get off your feet.

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  • Open

    10:00 - 17:00
  • Closed

    Wednesdays, Bon festival, year-end and New Year holidays

In an effort to support local commerce and industry, Yume Plaza introduces and displays a variety of products. The tourist information center, located within Yume Plaza, does more than simply share sightseeing information, and it is also proud to educate visitors on shrines, temples, tombs, and other historical cultural resources in the city. Complete with a restroom and rest space, the facility can also be used as a break spot. A statue of Fujiidera's official character, Ino Manari, can be found at the entrance to Yume Plaza. Ino Manari was a Japanese exchange student who traveled to Tang Dynasty China as a Japanese envoy and stayed to serve the Tang Emperor.