Many of Japan's foremost sightseeing spots are located in Kansai, the region surrounding Osaka. There are plenty of ways to get to and from Osaka, so it's just a quick trip to Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, and other popular sightseeing locations! The first step on your trip to Osaka is a flight to Kansai International Airport.
Osaka is in almost the exact center of Japan. Osaka is the second smallest prefecture in Japan, but has the third largest population after the capital, Tokyo. The city of Osaka is abundant in history, culture, shopping, and food. Osaka also has good access to popular tourist spots in surrounding areas. It is less than one hour by train to Kyoto, Nara and Wakayama, which have many World Heritage sites, and Kobe, a fashionable port city. You can enjoy a one-day trip to these destinations from Osaka. There are flights to Osaka from major cities all around the world.



There is plenty of transportation to Osaka from major cities around Japan. Depending on your starting point and preferred traveling style, you can choose from among planes, bullet trains, express trains, buses, cars, ferries, and other modes of transportation. There is plenty of transportation to Osaka from major cities around Japan.


The entrance to Osaka is its bullet train terminal, Shin-Osaka Station. From here, you can transfer to the JR Kyobashi Line or the Midosuji subway line, and head to central parts of the city such as Umeda or Namba. Other railway lines have their terminals and JR Osaka Station are all located in Umeda. The entrances to Osaka by air are Itami Airport and Kansai International Airport. After landing by plane, you can take a monorail or shuttle bus from Itami Airport, or a train from Kansai International Airport to travel into the city.


Ride the various trains through Osaka, from the subway lines that run throughout the entire city, to the JR Osaka Loop Line, which runs around the central districts. There are also water transportation options in the aqua metropolis of Osaka, including water buses and cruises. Sightseeing taxis are also available.


From Osaka, you can very quickly reach other major cities in Kansai such as Kyoto, Nara, Wakayama, and Kobe, as well as their outskirts, by using the Shinkansen bullet trains and express trains.