Wakihama Ebisu Taisha Grand Shrine (Takaokami Shrine) 0

One of three great Ebisu shrines, and the oldest Ebisu shrine in Senshu.

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One of three great Ebisu shrines, and the oldest Ebisu shrine in Senshu. This area's entire coastline, which also boasts beautiful sandy beaches and pine trees, has historically had a number of bountiful fishing grounds.Because of its proximity to the capital, there was at one time a fishing ground dedicated to feeding the imperial court.According to the Heian period Engishiki, a set of ancient Japanese governmental regulations, fish from this area were required to be sent to the capital as offerings.They say Ebisu Shrine was established to provide a guardian deity for the land which produced food eaten by the emperor.During the Meiji period, the shrine merged with Takaokami Shrine, where the god of the sea, Takaokami-Okami is enshrined.Even after merging with Takaokami Shrine, the shrine was still fondly called "Wakihama no Ebessan" (Ebisu by the sea). Nearly 40,000 people still visit the shrine every year for the Toka Ebisu festival(for three days from January 9th through 11th), eager to buy lucky bamboo. On the day of the festival, many people even walk over hot coals to ward off sickness and misfortune.

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    3-34-1 Wakihama, Kaizuka-shi, Osaka, 597-0073
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    20-minute walk from Nishikinohama Station or Kaizuka Station on the Nankai Railway
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