Luxury&Wellness Osaka

A calm and restful, elegant experience. Rediscover Osaka’s ineffable charms.

The culture of the masses shines in Osaka, but Osaka has other charms as well. It’s also a place to enjoy craftsmanship nurtured throughout history, along with luxurious and beautiful food, healing, good health, medical service, and lodgings. Enjoy spiritual luxury to the fullest, in addition to the physical luxury.

Osaka, the origin of Japan’s medical science. Even now, the medical faculties of Osaka’s universities are making advances in cutting-edge medical treatment and regenerative medicine. Furthermore, Japan’s representative pharmaceutical companies are located in Osaka’s Doshomachi area. As it was once the center of Japanese culture and thought, Kansai has many temples, shrines, and sacred places to support your spiritual health as well. Given this background, many destinations in Osaka follow a theme of health. This is another side to Osaka’s charms for you to enjoy.


Osaka, a city with exacting standards for food. This food culture is also supported by traditional Japanese dashi stock, a key ingredient made from fish, shellfish, and kombu kelp. “Washoku” Japanese cuisine is recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UN World Heritage Centre, and also uses dashi to bring life to fresh ingredients. Osaka’s cuisine is low-calorie and uses healthy ingredients, for a health-conscious style we definitely recommend.


Osaka also offers access to Mt. Koya, a sacred site and religious center, and to the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage routes, which will take visitors back to nature. Experience contemplation or Zen meditation at Kyoto’s temples, then go to one of the many onsen hot spring baths nearby. Take this release from the rush of everyday life as a chance to reclaim your physical and mental health.


Osaka is home to a wide array of professional sports teams, giving visitors the chance to catch an exciting game while in the area. There are also parks and jogging courses nearby that let everyone enjoy exercising in the fresh air. You can rent bicycles to go a bit farther afield and feel the wind on your face. There are many high-class beauty facilities in Osaka, including beauty salons, nail salons, and hair and makeup studios where you can experience top class techniques to further enhance your own beauty. Also, Osaka offers options to stimulate the senses through the appreciation of traditional arts and culture performances.

Health Check

Osaka has many medical facilities thanks to its history as a center for the practice of medicine. Many of these advanced facilities also offer multilingual services for foreign patients. Skilled doctors and technicians will use advanced equipment to check your health in a comfortable and relaxing setting. They will also cooperate with a specialist hospital for your treatment and medication in the event that issues are found. Take this chance to receive advanced medical care in a calm and comfortable environment, for a healthy life.


There are many old-style Japanese ryokan inns and world-famous, high-class hotels in Osaka and the wider Kansai area. Try a hot spring hotel a little further from the city for a chance to appreciate untouched Japanese scenery in a comfortable, relaxing setting. Meanwhile, Osaka’s city center offers convenient transport along with world-class luxury hotels. They offer experiences of the Japanese spirit of “omotenashi” open-handed hospitality, in addition to the world-class service you would expect. Why not enjoy everything the city of Osaka has to offer amid uniquely Japanese omotenashi hospitality, in a quiet and refined setting?