The Westin Osaka 0

Enjoy a soothing woodland experience in a classical European-styled urban luxury hotel.

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The Westin Osaka is a luxury hotel situated in Shin Umeda City on the north side of Osaka Station. The first Japanese lodgings opened by venerable American firm Westin Hotels & Resorts, these accommodations strike a delicate balance between classic European tastes and gorgeous Japanese styles. The Westin guarantees guests complete satisfaction with its warm, refined hospitality.

  • Location

    〒 531-0076 1-1-20 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka
  • Directions

    7-minute walk from the central north exit of JR Osaka Station
    Shuttle bus available from the west-side underpass at the Sakurabashi exit of JR Osaka Station
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  • Services

    Hotel shop/Fitness club/Childcare room/Beautician/Florist/Halal meals available/Public nursing room with baby cribs
  • Languages

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  • Hall

    1 Grand Banquet Hall (900m2)
    1 Medium Banquet Hall (445m2)
    5 Small Banquet Halls
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