Yodogawa Riverside Park 0

A riverside park along the Yodo River, which runs from Fukushima Ward, Osaka to Oyamazaki Town, Kyoto. The park is about 1.9 times as large as Osaka Castle Park. The park, which features rich natural resources and various sports facilities, is enjoyed by local residents, as well as many visitors.

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An extensive park on the riverbed of the Yodogawa River boasts various sports facilities. You can enjoy walking, jogging and other outdoor activities, while appreciating superb views of the Yodo River. In spring, the bank is covered with a stunning yellow carpet of rape blossoms; in summer, fireworks displays take place. The park offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor fun and fresh air.

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    〒 534-0000 Fukushima-ku, Osaka - Oyamazaki-cho, Otokuni-gun, Kyoto
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    06-6994-0006 (Yodogawa Kasen Park - Moriguchi Service Center)
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