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Yusenji is the temple where people say arigato (thank you) more than at any other in Japan. It is a place that inspires energy and happiness and also a temple for offerings of dolls.

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This temple was reformed to the Nichiren sect of Buddhism and renamed as Yusenji in 1629. The temple is home to a statue of the Buddha Daiitoku Myo-o that grips a Shiawase no Himo "thread of happiness" in its hands. Holding this while praying is said to ensure prayers are granted. The temple is also famous as a site for offerings of dolls.

  • address

    1773 Kuragaki, Nose-cho, Toyono-gun, Osaka, 563-0113
  • transport

    20-minute walk from the Kuragaki bus stop; board a bus from Myokenguchi Station on the Nose Electric Railway Myoken Line
    Shuttle service also available on call from Myokenguchi Station
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  • general participation

    The temple conducts some form of ritual observance monthly. Please confirm details via phone. Hearing-impaired parishioners also conduct events at the temple in May and September of every year.
    May: hearing-impaired event (Genki Itadaki-sai health festival)
    June: Yearly grand festival in which various Buddhist teachers gather to pray for Yusenji Temple's principal object of worship, Daiitoku Myo-o
    September: autumnal equinox offering jazz concert (autumnal equinox festival eve)/Sign songs for those with hearing disabilities
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