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Gamo-yon Neighborhood (Gamo 4-chome)

This neighborhood has attracted a lot of attention recently thanks to efforts to preserve its Edo-era downtown atmosphere and give its classic homes a new lease on life.
The Gamo 4-chome neighborhood is affectionately known as “Gamo-yon” (“yon” is the Japanese pronunciation of “four”). Its Edo-era downtown atmosphere and traditional townscape still remain, lending it a charm distinct from that of Minami, Umeda, or other modern shopping districts. As the fourth most densely-populated town in the country, it is home to many families, as well, and has lately shown a surge toward becoming a “foodie’s town.” There’s been a lot of attention recently on the Gamo-yon Nigiwai Project’s revitalization efforts, which have given the neighborhood's forgotten machiya townhouses and traditional homes a new lease on life. These streets are now lined with restaurants and pubs that combine the best of modern and retro.