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Gunsmiths' Home

With an architectural history stretching back to the 17th century, this structure not only belongs to one of the oldest categories of architecture in Japan (the machiya townhouse), but is also significant for the way it preserves a historic site of gun production.

This structure was both workshop and residence to Inoue Sekiemon, a member of the Sakai gunsmith tradition in Japan’s Edo period (1603–1868). The shop’s name is even mentioned in the Great Atlas of Sakai (published 1689). Now, this is the only remaining gunsmith’s workshop that remains from that era in Sakai. Inside, a number of articles are preserved, including matchlocks, small pistols, otsuzu hand cannons, bellows, and notes of compensation. The north side of the main structure (now a residence) was the workshop itself. Over time, the business acquired the houses to the south to expand the forge and built up a larger living space. Nowadays, it’s a precious piece of architecture that allows us to know what the lives of gunsmiths were like during the two and a half centuries of the Edo period.*Inside of residence not open to public.

Basic information

10-minute walk from Shichido Station on the Nankai Main Line
10-minute walk from Takasujinsha Station on the Hankai Tramway Hankai Line
〒 590-0928 1-3-22 Kitahatagocho Nishi, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka

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