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A multi-purpose commercial complex facility with a giant Ferris wheel that is 75 meters in diameter and their enormous whale symbol at the indoor aquarium.

Basic information

Located in the center of Umeda, Osaka, the HEP FIVE is a multi-purpose commercial facility that has a giant Ferris wheel as its landmark. The “HEP” in the name is an acronym for “Hankyu Entertainment Park.” There are about 150 stores lined up here, from popular fashion trends among the young to stores offering character memorabilia, miscellaneous goods, and cafes, etc. Its biggest feature is the giant, red-painted Ferris wheel that is 75 meters in diameter and installed to sink into the top part of the building. Lit up at night as well as during the day using computer-controlled floodlights, it has become the symbol of the facility. The boarding area is on the 7th floor with each passenger pods going up to 106 meters above ground over the rooftop to overlook the center of Osaka city. In addition, a 20 meter-long red whale, designed by the musician Tatsuya Ishii, rests at the open space on the sixth floor of the indoor atrium.

  • Address

    5-15 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
  • TEL

  • Holidays

    No scheduled holidays
  • Hours

    11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
    Restaurants and amusement facilities 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Access

    About a 3-minute walk east from the Hankyu Osaka-Umeda Station, about a 4-minute walk east from the Midosuji Exit of the JR Osaka Station, about a 5-minute walk from Umeda Station on the JR Osaka Metro Midosuji Line, about a 5-minute walk from Higashi-Umeda Station on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line
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