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Tourist Attractions and Experiences

Ikegami Sone Yayoi Learning Center

In addition to displaying artifacts from the Ikegami Sone Ruins, this facility is a place where visitors can enjoy learning about the Yayoi period (300 BC–250 AD). Photos courtesy of: Ikegami Sone Ruins Historic Park Association

Basic information

Located in the north of the Ikegami Sone Ruins Historic Park, this facility displays historic artifacts excavated from the Ikegami Sone Ruins, including pillars from large buildings and well frames. It also offers a variety of activities such as pottery- and gem-making classes to help visitors learn more about Japan's Yayoi period. The Ikegami Sone Ruins, a national historic site, are the remains of a moated settlement (a village surrounded by water channels) that thrived during the Yayoi period. It has a total area of around 600,000m², which makes it one of the largest of its kind in all of Japan. At the time, the settlement lay 2 km away from Osaka Bay, surrounded by rivers and forest. It's believed to have been home to 500–1,000 residents and to have consisted of rice paddies, large buildings, and wells. The learning center gives visitors the chance to imagine how people lived in the Yayoi period through direct experience: touching sanukite, gems and earthenware excavated from the Ikegami Sona Ruins, trying on clothes styled on what is thought to have been worn in the Yayoi period, and more.Photos courtesy of: Ikegami Sone Ruins Historic Park Association

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    〒 595-0004 2-12-45 Chiharacho, Izumiotsu-shi, Osaka
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    Mondays (open Monday and closed on Tuesday when Monday is a holiday), New Year holidays
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    10:00 - 17:00 (admissions close 16:30; workshops close 16:00)
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    Roughly a 15-minute walk from Shinodayama Station on the JR Hanwa Line
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