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Tourist Attractions and Experiences

Imabashi Bridge

This is a historic bridge standing over the Higashi-Yokobori River; even its present form features lighting and handrail designs that evoke the bridges of yesteryear.

Basic information

Mentioned in descriptions of the Siege of Osaka, this historic bridge standing over the Higashi-Yokobori River is thought to have been around since the Toyotomi period (1585–1603). From the mid-Edo period (1603–1868), the area around the west side of the bridge was home to rows of money changers, and the area flourished as a financial center. As this was happening, a bridge was rebuilt for the road to Kyobashi, which is how Imabashi ("Now-Bridge") acquired its name. At that time, the bridge is said to have been 75.8 meters long and 5.5 meters wide; quite large for a town bridge. There was even a boat that ran from the bridge’s moorings to Amagasaki. After burning down multiple times in fires, it was replaced with an iron-pile, wooden-beam bridge in the Meiji era. By 1924, the bridge was 70.4 meters long and 8.4 meters wide with steel girders and three spans. Decorated with cast-iron lamps and railings, it would’ve struck a fine figure, but the iron fixings appear to have been donated during World War II. The current bridge was rebuilt in 1994, with light fixtures and banisters modeled after its former glory.

  • Location

    〒 541-0041 1 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka through 1 Imabashi to Kitahamahigashi
  • Fax

  • Tel

    06-6615-6818 (Osaka City Construction Bureau Road Department & Bridges)
  • Directions

    3-minute walk from Kitahama Station on the Keihan Main Line
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