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Sumitomolife Izumi Hall

A shoebox style concert hall with 821 seats. Sponsors about 30 original performances each year.

Basic information

 Sumitomolife Izumi Hall was opened opposite the Hotel New Otani Osaka as part of the 60th anniversary project of Sumitomo Life Insurance Company in 1990. In pursuit of creating an ideal sound field, the hall was modeled after the Grosser Musikvereinssaal in Vienna, home of the Vienna Philharmonic. With acoustics elaborately considered not only through the design of the ceiling and walls but also the floor, chairs and chandeliers, it is a shoebox style concert hall with 821 seats. The reverberation time is between 1.8 to 2 seconds, which is regarded as optimal for classical chamber music. It is equipped with distinct instruments, such as a pipe organ produced by Koenig Company of France, known for its bright, soft sound, and a pianoforte produced by Nanette Streicher in the 1820s, contemporary with Beethoven. In February 2006, computer control equipment for acoustics and lighting as well as seat covers, lobby carpeting and wallpapers were repaired or renovated. Rate of operation is high at 270 to 280 days a year, and of these, the hall sponsors more than 30 original performances.

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    〒 540-0001 Sumitomoseimei OBP Plaza, 1-4-70 Shiromi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
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    Varies by performance
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    Varies by performance
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    Roughly a 3-minute walk from Osakajokoen Station on the JR Loop Line
    Roughly a 5-minute walk from Osaka Business Park Station on the Osaka Metro Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line
    Roughly a 8-minute walk from Kyobashi Station on the Keihan Railway
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