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Kishiki Shrine

Located east of Kishiwada Castle's keep, Kishiki Shrine is the home of the tutelary deity of the castle.

Basic information

Kishiki Shrine is a representative shrine in the old town of Kishiwada. It is located to the east of Kishiwada Castle, and mainly enshrines Amaterasu Omikami, Susano no Mikoto and Hondawake no Mikoto. The history of this shrine started with enshrining Amaterasu Omikami-the ancestral kami of the Emperor, who has always kept eyes on the neighboring villages and farmers. Susano no Mikoto was transferred from Ysaka Shrine in Kyoto in 1362 to protect people from plagues and bad luck. The kami of winning, Hondawake no Mikoto was moved from the castle’s grounds to the shrine when the castle was redeveloped by Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s retainer in 1597.Though the shrine had been known under the name “Omiya”, it was officially named Kishiki Shrine in 1868, the beginning of the Meiji era. The current main building was completed in 2008. Kishiwada Castle used to be called Chikiri Castle, Chikiri refers to bonds, and people visit Kishiki Shrine and pray for good relationships not only in love but also in other aspects of their lives like business and friendships. This shrine is also the birthplace of the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival. During the Festival, 15 Danjiris which means sacred floats, out of 22 Danjiris in the old town visit this shrine.

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    11-30 Kishikicho, Kishiwada-shi, Osaka, 596-0073
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  • transport

    5-minute walk from Takojizo Station on the Nankai Main Line 8-minute walk from Kishiwada Station on the Nankai Main Line
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