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Kuromon Market

The Kuromon Market is home to about 150 stores, including both wholesale and retail business that cater to the appetite of the Osaka locals.

This market has been around since the late Edo period, of which it had functioned as a place for both wholesale and retail businesses, as well as fulfilling the hunger of the Osaka locals. Within a space of about 580 meters south from Sennichimae, about 150 stores selling fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits, food and drink, clothing and such, stand side by side to each other, all servicing about 18,000 visitors in the weekdays, and as much as about 150,000 during the end of the year. The origins of this market date back to around 1822 to 1823, when merchants gathered in the black mountain gates near the Enmyoji temple in Nipponbashi to sell the fish they sourced from Sakai and Kishu. Until it was destroyed along with the temple in the Great Namba Fire of 1912, it went by the name of “Enmyoji Market.” Later, it was destroyed again in the Osaka air raids, but have since been rebuilt after the war and continues to this day. Due to the market being frequented by the itamae-chefs of Japanese restaurants, there are many shops that offer puffer fish and fresh seafood at this market. At the end of the year, the market becomes flooded with crowds of shoppers.

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  • Restaurant Available
  • Parking Available
Varies by location
Varies by location
Right outside Nippombashi Station on the Osaka Metro Sennichimae Line
〒 542-0073 2-4-1 Nippombashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

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