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Manpukuji Temple

Manpukuji Temple was founded by the younger brother of Warring States-era general Toshiie Maeda. It is an ancient temple surrounded by flowers that bloom over all four seasons to form a quiet, calming, and beautiful location.
Located in the center of the city, this temple seems to mark the border between the secular and divine. It was founded in 1594 by the younger brother of Warring States-era general Toshiie Maeda. Surrounded by rich growths of trees and flowers, it is a soothing place for visitors. The main hall is solemn in appearance, and also strangely quiet despite facing onto the traffic and noise of the city. An easily-missed stone monument bearing poetry by haiku poet Matsuo Basho watches over the gardens quietly. The location is also famous as a former station for the historically-significant Shinsengumi police force. Manpukuji Temple has seen the city grow and change over the ages.

Basic information

Not open for viewing by the general public. The ruins of the Shinsengumi outpost and stone monument with explanation are located outside the main gates.
13-minute walk from exit 8 of Nipponbashi Station on the Osaka Metro and Kintetsu Lines 12-minute walk from exits 3 and 5 of Tanimachi 9-chome Station on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi and Sennichimae Lines 12-minute walk from the 2F south ticket gate of Namba Station on the Nankai Line
1-3-82 Shitaderamachi, Tennoji-ku, Osaka, 543-0076

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