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Tourist Attractions and Experiences

Masano-Kurumazuka Tumulus

This tumulus tomb is a great place to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the hillside.

Basic information

This is a keyhole-shaped tumulus tomb measuring 107.5 meters in length, 44 meters in width at the “triangle” portion of the tomb, and 54.5 meters in diameter at the “circle” portion of the tomb. This two-level burial mound is surrounded by a dry moat. Based on the shape, the tumulus is believed to date back to the early 5th century and is registered as a National Historic Site. At present, the area is maintained as a park where visitors can relax and tour the tumulus perimeter at their own pace.

  • Location

    〒 573-1174 1-369 Kurumazuka, Hirakata-shi, Osaka
  • Fax

  • Tel

    050-7105-8058 ((Hirakata City Board of Education Social Education & Cultural Properties Department)
  • Directions

    1-minute walk from Katahoko/Chuo Toshokan bus stop via Keihan bus 12 bound for Kitakatahoko or bus 13 bound for Ogura-cho; board bus at Makino Station on the Keihan Main Line

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