Tourist Attractions and Experiences

Mitsu Park (Sankaku/Triangle Park)

This Amerikamura landmark is a popular meeting spot.

This landmark of Amerikamura, crucible for Western Japan’s youth culture, is also a popular meeting spot. This strip of undevelopable land created by post-World War II road development is called Mitsu Park; after the spotlight fell on Amerikamura in the 70s, however, it picked up the nickname Sankaku-koen (Triangle Park). In recent years, the sight of young comedians practicing their acts in the park with strolling youths as their audiences has become a popular attraction. The birthplace of amikake (net-patterned) mayonnaise, Kogaryu Takoyaki, has been selling takoyaki (balls of battered, grilled octopus) in the middle of the park for over 30 years and is always crowded with customers. Eating takoyaki while being entertained by a pair of young “manzai”-style comedians is a truly, uniquely Sankaku Park experience.