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Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho

Famous flavors you can't do without! It's all here at Mt. Tenpo, home to a cluster of longstanding restaurants fit for all kinds of visitors.

Basic information

A food theme park where Osaka's finest gourmet restaurants serve Kansai favorites like curry at Jiyuken, okonomiyaki (savory pancakes) at Botejyu, and takoyaki (octopus dumplings) at Aiduya. Kuishinbo Yokocho (big eater alley) is remade in the image of downtown Osaka when the city hosted the Expo '70 World Fair. This site is a fun place to enjoy gourmet Osakan food, or just to visit and experience a bit of Osaka's history.

  • Location

    〒 552-0022 Tempozan Market Place
    1-1-10 Kaigandori, Minato-ku, Osaka
  • Tel

  • Closed

  • Open

    11:00 - 20:00 (varies seasonally)
  • Price

    Free admission
  • Directions

    Roughly a 5-minute walk from Osakako Station on the Osaka Metro Chuo Line
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