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Tourist Attractions and Experiences

Observation Hall at Sky View

If you want to have fun and learn more about Kansai International Airport, then this is for you! Get to know the airport's facilities and jobs with a bus tour by an official guide.

Basic information

An educational bus tour focusing on airport facilities and jobs.
After departing from the KIX Sky View observation hall, visitors will be able to look out and see the backbone that supports the airport, including secure areas, the factory where in-flight food is made, the international freight area, fuel tanks, and more.
Depending on wind direction and  takeoff and landing conditions, visitors may be able to view aircraft up close. The official guide will share anecdotes relating to various aircraft as well as interesting facts and trivia about the airport. Group tours of the in-flight meal factory are also available.

  • Location

    1 Senshukukoukita, Izumisano
  • Average Time

    60min. (In case of group tour, 30 min. course available)
  • 072-455-2097
  • Tel

  • Open

    Varies by course
  • Price

    Fees apply
  • Directions

    Roughly a 6-minute ride by shuttle bus (free) from bus stop 1 at Terminal 1 Building 1F, bound for KIX observation hall "Sky View."
  • URL

  • Tour guide

    Tour requests can be made up to 6 months in advance of your desired date. (In the case of weekends or holidays, 6 months in advance of the last weekday before the desired date.)

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