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Old Konishikike Jutaku (Konishi Gisuke's Store)

Japanese traditional architecture that is kept well a large store of the mansion of the late Meiji period./Nationally Designated Important Cultural Property

Kyu-Konishike Jyutaku(Former Konishi housing) that remains in Doshomachi of medicine wholesale district is the culmination of the modern Osaka's townhouses and also a Japanese traditional architecture(Nationally Designated Important Cultural Property).The Konishis is a marchant which was founded by the first Gisuke in 1856(the 3rd year of Anseiperiod) and started when he left Kyoto for Osaka Doshumachi to open a pharmacy/Konishi Gisuke's Store(Konishi Co., Ltd.-now). The present building which was built over a period of 3 years from 1903 (the 36th year of Meiji period). There is a dressing room in the main attic and a two-story storage across the inner garden. The dressing room is a three-story godown structure in 1912 (the 45 th year of Meiji period) whin it was set up the framework. It's simple and used good building materials and you can see elaborate designs and an ingenious device at each rooms and a tea room, It is said that there is a big Kamado( a kitchen range) for serving about 50 people includes their family and employees in the kitchen of the residence part.You could see an office view where the carpet laid in a tatami room and the computer are lined up on top of the desk.It is used as an office for an associated company.(Not open to public)