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Nippombashi Street Festa

The Largest-scale Grand Ceremony of COSPLAY in Japan

Sakaisuji, which becomes the paradise for pedestrians. It’s extremely bustling as the Comic Market level.

Recently, apart from the cosplayers from Kansai, there are also many cosplayers from Kanto and overseas. You can not only see all kinds of cosplayers, such as the popular animated characters, classic nostalgic characters and fans, which is a pleasure to see the cosplay shown of high quality, but also meet the cosplay with Osaka's unique "interesting" style, which is one of the great charms of Nippombashi Street Festa.

The Cosplay Costume Carnival of the Festival consists of maids in Nippombashi Street and hundreds of cosplayers. They parade along the streets in Sakaisuji, which is the best part of this event. And the Cosplayer Parade gathering hundreds of people is the grand finale of this event. It’s really happy to look at all kinds of cosplayers performing and parading!

In addition, various activities are held in the main venue and along the street. Even the tourists who don't like animation can also enjoy a good time in the Festival. Please be sure to enjoy the "non-routine" pleasure in Nippombashi Street Festa,which is leading the trend.

Basic information

· Apr. 14-min walk from South-East No.4 Exit, Namba Station of Osaka Metro Midosuji Line / Sennichimae Line / Yotsubashi Line· Apr. 8-min walk from Namba Station of Nankai· Apr. 10-min walk from Nipponbashi Station of Kintetsu, Metro Midosuji Line / Sennichimae Line· Apr. 7-min walk from Ebisucho Station of Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line
Denden Town in Nippombashi, Otarodo Road
Every Marcht

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