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Cosplay Amusement Space & Studio

“HACOSTADIUM” is one of the largest cosplay photo-shooting studios in Japan. There are more than 35 fully equipped shooting booths including a school classroom, a Japanese room, steampunk, an antique office, a live entertainment stage, ruins, etc., to enjoy cosplay photo shooting with a suitable background matching the characters of anime, manga and games. The One-day pass enables a maximum of 10 hours freely exploring the various shooting booths of this theme park-like cosplay studio. The abundance of the studio is not limited to the shooting booths. Props, cameras, and shooting equipment are available (some for a fee). All you need is a character costume to enjoy cosplay shooting (some rental costumes available). There is also a shop with essential items for cosplay such as wigs of famous cosplay brands and color contact lenses. So if you forget something, there is no need to worry. Spacious and clean changing rooms and powder rooms allow leisurely changing, putting on make-up and hair styling to your hearts’ content. A cafe space is available for break time or meals after cosplay shooting, or friendship exchange. “HACOSTADIUM” is perfect for a full day of cosplay enjoyment. If you like cosplay, please come to “HACOSTADIUM” with your favorite costume to make some great memories. Membership registration required for use.

Basic information

Weekdays: 11:00-20:00 Saturdays/Sundays/Public holidays: 10:00-20:00
A short walk from No. 3 Exit of Osaka Metro “Daikokucho Station”
AKI Namba Bldg. 3-11-10 Shikitsu Higashi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka city

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