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Ryuanji Temple

Founded by legendary mystic En no Gyoja. A respected temple that enshrines one of Japan's four statues of the Buddhist goddess Benzaiten, it is also famous as the birthplace of lotteries in Japan.

Basic information

Believed to have been founded by the legendary mystic En no Gyoja in the year 650 when training under the Minoh waterfall. After receiving tutelage from the bodhisattva Ryuju, he carved an image of Benzaiten beneath the waterfall and enshrined it. In ancient times, it was known as Minoji Temple. It is also known as the birthplace of lotteries in Japan, for its conduct of lottery-like events where blessings and health were raffled in place of money. This development even drew local press mentions in the 18th century. The goddess Benzaiten is connected to financial fortune and improvement in the arts, and the temple draws visitors throughout the year. It is also a temple for mountaintop asceticism, and its annual Ogomaku ritual burning event draws ascetics from throughout the Kinki region.

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    2-23 Minookoen, Minoh-shi, Osaka, 562-0002
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    Open for viewing
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    9:00 - 16:00
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    No viewing free
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    15-minute walk from Mino-o Station on the Hankyu Mino-o Line
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